Guarantee Enjoyment And Security - Tips For Displaying Your Rare Coins

8 July 2015
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A rare coin collection has the opportunity to be both an interesting hobby as well as a sound investment, but it comes with a few interesting challenges. Most people don't purchase rare coins out of a desire to keep them locked up out of sight, but it's important that your desire to display your collection doesn't have the accidental effect of damaging its value.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for safely displaying your rare coin collection. Following these suggestions should allow you to show off your exciting inventory to all who have interest in seeing it, while simultaneously guaranteeing that you retain the maximum possible value for when the time comes to pursue liquidation.

Choose A Secure Location

Obviously, one of the biggest concerns that comes with displaying valuable items is the risk of theft. While no one likes to consider the possibility that someone they trust enough to show their collection to would be a thief, it's important that you take precautions that will shield you from that risk.

The best way to minimize that concern is to keep your coins displayed in a secure location that gets very little foot traffic. A bedroom or home office can be excellent choices for this, as these are generally private areas with more controlled access that will allow you to choose who does and does not get to enjoy your collection.

Consider Coin Albums

For high volume collectors, it can be easy for shelf space to run out in a hurry. Many coin collectors also collect duplicates of certain varieties, and displaying them all may be redundant and do little more than eat up space.

If you have these limitations but still want your collection to be able to be seen, coin albums offer an interesting compromise measure. These albums will keep your coins secure and protected from handling damage, but are also space conscious and can be stored safely on shelves until you want to pull them out and show them off.

Be Aware Of the Environment

Environmental factors can potentially cause serious damage to a coin collection. High humidity and very warm temperatures can cause warping or the development of mold and mildew, and you may find yourself battling infestation to simply hold on to value. Make sure that your rare coins are always displayed in a climate controlled space with moderate temperature, as this will guarantee that your desire to enjoy your collection doesn't lead to its demise.