Illuminate And Create: Five Electrical Products That Brighten Your Creative Workspace

13 July 2015
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When you have various hobbies that require good lighting, you may be prone to just using whatever lighting is already in a room. Instead, there are several different lighting options that are designed for crafters and hobbyists. Five electrical lighting products and the types of crafts or hobbies they work best with are as follows.

Daylight Bulbs and Lights

Artists, specifically painters, need real light to see by because it helps get just the right pigments and colors for the pictures they create. Craft stores sell daylight bulbs and daylight lamp options for painting and any other type of hobby that needs a lot of natural light. The simulated daylight also helps you see much better at night, when you are probably working on your crafts and hobbies anyway.

Light Tables

These tables are commonly sold to photographers who make slides from their photos. They are also good for working on transparencies and tracings. The newer light tables use halogen bulbs, which are exceedingly bright, but effective for viewing anything you lay on a light table.

Magnifying Lamps with Soft Light

These floor lamps were designed with close up needlework in mind. You can magnify every stitch in your embroidery, cross-stitch, crewel or chicken scratch project with the help of the magnifying lens in the center of the lamp. The lamp's light is a ring around the outer edge of the magnifying lens, and it casts light on your project, but it is also softened light so that your retinas are not exposed to too much bright light, which can damage your retinas.

Overhead Fluorescent Tube Lights for Studio/Shop Use

If you have ever seen a woodworker's shop, then you have probably seen fluorescent tube lights. Usually two tubes are installed in a long, box-like fixture that hangs from the ceiling with chains. They provide a lot of light for studios, craft shops and hobby shops that have very little natural light and/or no windows.

Overhead Projectors

Although overhead projectors have since been replaced by computerized projectors, you can still buy overhead projectors for use in your craft room. These projectors, when turned on, take any image set on their built-in light table and project it larger than life on a wall, canvas, paper or on whatever else you want to place an image. If you are old enough to remember these projectors from school, then you also remember that they can be adjusted to make your image larger or smaller in order to fit the projected visual to the wall or item you need it to fit.

For these and other lighting solutions for your crafting space, visit a store that sells electrical products, like Koontz Hardware.