Unplugged: The Benefits Of Choosing Non-Electronic Toys For Your Children

23 February 2016
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From tablets to computer games, electronic devices are loved by children of all ages. In fact, if you ask a child what they want for a gift, an electronic device is likely to be at the top of their list. It may seem as if traditional-style toys are a thing of the past. However, traditional toys shouldn't be overlooked. They have many benefits, and they will give your child a much-needed break from the over-stimulation of electronic devices.

Non-electronic toys foster creativity

Traditional toys encourage a child to be creative. Children have to think of unique and creative ways to play with the same toy rather than pushing a button to load a new activity. Without the distraction of flashing lights and blinking screens, a child is able to play quietly and use their imagination in new ways.

Traditional toys can encourage the development of problem solving skills and may improve fine motor skills. They also help a child build critical thinking skills as they use their imagination during play time.

For instance, a simple wooden car or truck can become any vehicle. One day your child may turn it into a fire truck. The next day it may become a taxi cab. This gives your child endless possibilities for being creative.

Traditional toys like dolls require a child to interact without a prompt to do so. A simple rag doll can be fed, cuddled, and comforted. Your child can make it talk or sing. Your child will learn to take care of the doll on their own rather than pushing a button and hearing the doll cry or ask to be fed.

Non-electronic toys may be safer

Traditional wooden toys are less likely to contain toxic materials than their electronic rivals. Many electronic devices and computerized toys are manufactured from plastics. In some instances, plastics may contain chemicals and toxins.

Small children are known for putting toys into their mouth. Non-electronic toys are generally safer for young children. Sturdy wooden toys can withstand chewing without breaking or splintering.

Also, the absence of batteries in non-electronic toys takes away the worry about batteries becoming damaged or leaking and harming your child.

Non-electronic toys are durable and less expensive

Traditional toys are durable and less likely to break. They contain fewer moving parts. High-quality wooden toys can withstand rough play. Their durability makes them good choices for large families, as they can often be passed down to each child over the years.

Non-electronic toys are less expensive. They do not require batteries to be replaced, and they contain no computer parts that may malfunction and require fixing or replacing.

While electronic toys will likely continue to have a place in your child's playroom, you should also make sure your child's playroom is equipped with plenty of traditional toys like blocks, dolls, dollhouses, and wooden cars and trucks. You can shop for a wide variety of non-electronic kids toys for your child online. Non-electronic toys will help to foster your child's creativity and stimulate their imagination in ways their electronic counterparts can't. Contact a business, such as Past Generation Toys, for more information.